What’s it like being a redhead?

Who knew amongst a sea of Irish in downtown San Francisco it would be so difficult to find a hot redhead? Then I met Zach. Tall, confident, very fit, super sexy, and very ginger. From my brief encounter, I could tell that Zach was totally digging being a redhead, the only one in his family. Naturally, I had to approach him with main question, which was “What’s it like being a redhead?” I’m alway curious how different it is for a male, so I was intrigued with what I learned. 


My first question was what nickname he has been called his whole life. “copper” he responded. Must say that was a new one! He then shared being a redhead truly is his identity, and he wears it proudly. In fact, observing Zach, I’d say he was quite the lion in his kingdom. Friends seemed to buzz around him in a circle and with that firey head of his, he had all the attention.

Zach likes redhaired girls, but claims he does not have a physical type, at all. When describing a former girlfriend (redhead), he gave her one word… “crazy”. Living up to our reputation! We also bonded on the fact that ethnic groups with dark skin seem to like us gingers… a lot!

Favorite colors? “Navy blue, redwood brown, forest green, and jet black are by far the best colors though all seem stereotypical.”

Strangest question asked was “Are you asian?” 

Where did you grow up? I grew up in Massachusetts and California. I’m very French Canadian, Italian, Irish.