Redhead Makeup

There is a ridiculous amount of advice about redhead makeup you can get, from beauty blogs to make-up artist tips, to friends who insist you should dye your eyebrows to make them stand out. What I have found, consistently, is the following. If you have freckles, a “professional” will try to cover them up, especially if you are preparing for a photo shoot. They have a tendency to go overdramatic leaving you feeling a bit like a baboon wearing a pink tutu, or they make you look so plain a celery stalk would be a sex symbol compared to you. There seems to be almost a generic way of applying makeup on a redhead, and while we’ve come a long way, we’ve got a lot more to learn.

First, it really does depend on your skin tone. Some redheads have peachy translucent skin that just glows to perfection. Others may be freckled, which makes their spots the stand out feature on their face, no matter how much makeup they are wearing.

I’m going to go with my redhead sister’s advice. She worked in makeup for several years, and until this day she is really the only one who has made up my face well.

For the eye shadows, she uses a MAC palette of neutral beiges from very light to dark brown. I have green eyes, she has brown eyes, yet it works beautifully on us both. We apply the lightest to the lid and extending it upwards. I do like to cover my eyelid freckles, a personal preference. Then crease a darker shadow in a sideways “v” shape from the top of the eyelash rim to the crease. And make sure you blend. After that I like to apply a powder with a wet brush to line the top of they eyelash. My sister prefers to use a cream liner, but I don’t have a very steady hand and applying with powder makes it easier. For evening, I may grab the liquid liner.


Instead of finding step by step tutorials on how to apply makeup, I searched for a few good examples to prove how versatile we can really be when choosing what kind of makeup to wear. For everyday office makeup, I tone it down, but may still wear a lipstick shade that pops. I love having one standout feature, whether its the eyes of the lips. I’m not a fan of both, but it’s a personal preference.  For evening, I may do something more dramatic like a cat eye, or a smoky eye.

I love these two photos because they defy everything we have been taught. She is wearing an almost pink/purple shade to make her blue eyes stand out, and her ruby red lips look stunning, as does the softer more subtle lip shade. Bobbi Brown has an gorgeous shade called honeysuckle.


And when I think of the perfect every day natural makeup for a  redhead, I imagine the following. There is nothing to hide her stunning beauty, or her freckles! I do think it’s good practice, if you only have time to put one thing on your face, stick to mascara. Because most of us has light eyelashes they tend to disappear without a little help.


And a little bit of drama doesn’t hurt. She has gone all out from the dark eyebrows to the heavy lined eyes to the dark lips. It works.