Redhead Lipstick Colors

Spring is in the air! Well, sort of. If you live in San Francisco, it’s more like fog is in the air. Chilly time of year for the city by the bay, and it will get even colder as Summer arrives. So, a little pick me up with warm colors never hurts, and throw in a dramatic red and you will forget you are wearing a cashmere scarf in Spring.

Always on the hunt for redhead lipstick colors, I stumbled upon Yves Saint Laurent glosses. They may have a hefty price tag for $32, but they are so worth it (no this is not a sponsorship and I have not been paid to represent this brand). It glides on like a dream, stays on, and has this interesting almost hint of fragrance, nothing off putting, really pleasant. I started with the red Volupte or number #208, and I’ve been back twice to add more to my treasure chest.


Resist the urge to go safe on the color you choose. They have these irresistible nudes that you will want to instinctively grab, but reach for more color. The second, and distance favorite is the Terriblement Fuchsia or number #49. It looks like it has a shimmer, but it does not once you put it on. Not an intuitive color for a ginger, and it will depend on your skin tone and hair shade, but it’s an absolutely gorgeous hot fuchsia seriously made for a redhead.


And I’ve saved the best for last. I love coral. I love coral clothes, I love coral lips. This one is a no risk coral, meaning, you will not be intimidated to wear it, yet it still gets the message across. Corail Gandoura or number #204 wins the award in my make-up treasure chest.