The Redhead Interviews



Why do people ask redheads such odd questions? Questions you would never ask a blonde, or a brunette, or anyone who looks that different? If we are such fascinating creatures, and we are, then it just made perfect sense to start what I’m calling The Redhead Interviews. You will find that we are exactly like the mere mortals who walk amongst us, but we are totally different.

Meet Amy, my first redhead in a series of The Redhead Interviews.  She is 27 years old and lives in Northern CT. She has a fiancee and has her Master’s in mental health where she counsels children and families at risk.

Why did I choose Amy?

First, she has the rarest combination of red hair with brown eyes. Typically redheads have blue or green eyes. Also, she can get a tan! While it is true that most redheads just turn pink and then burn, some of us tan quite well. It makes sense considering her heritage consists of 25% Italian, German, English, Irish and she even has some Cherokee Indian in her. She has three brothers, none of them have red hair.


Amy has never dyed her hair. It was gone from brownish red to the summer months as a lifeguard to more on the strawberry blonde side. She is a universe of one in her family as no one else is a redhead, and only a great grandfather had hints of it.

She has always been a redhead. One of her earliest memories is when she was 4 or 5 years old and women would walk up to her and gush over her hair. As a child, standing out is somewhat unnerving when all you want to do is fit in, so she would say “My hair is brown, not red!” This actually brought up an interesting point that you would only know if you lived your life as a redhead.

People treat us differently. They do.

I asked her about some of the odd questions coming from strangers. The most typical about the curtain matching the carpet. Blah blah, snooze….. But wait! Why do people think that’s an ok question to ask? Wish I had the answer, but hopefully with enough of these interviews we will come to some theories around those totally inappropriate questions.

Amy shared she once had a boyfriend who wanted her to dye her hair blonde. Her fiancé, however, thinks she is the most beautiful girl EVER, and he is convinced that Amy she must get hit on all the time. She disputed this myth, but soon after he said this, she got to thinking about it. She never perceived herself as the girl who was targeted, but after he brought her attention to it, she did start noticing men got a little nervous around her. Remember this posting?

But upon deeper inspection, the research team discovered something interesting: the men didn’t approach the women because they found them less attractive. In fact, it was because they found them more attractive: they didn’t approach them because of fear of rejection, assuming the redheaded women were more assertive and temperamental.

So far from finding redheads to be ugly or undesirable, the opposite was almost true: they found them so desirable that the redheads were ‘out of their league’, so to speak. When asked to comment on the women they approached vs the women they didn’t approach, they rated the redheads more sensuous and promiscuous seeming- both signifiers that would possibly help in the babymaking arena.”

We can be intimidating, though we don’t try to be and therefore we may not get hit on as much as the common blonde or brunette.

A few more questions for Amy.

Do you like red haired guys?

No. She has not seen a lot of redhaired guys in high school or college, but tends to gravitate towards the tall, dark and handsome.

Do you have any favorite make-up color palettes?

Amy likes to keep her lips natural, chapstick at best, but for eyeshadow she sticks to the earthier tones. She recently discovered Skin Food Sugar Mask exfoliant (remember, I do not endorse any beauty products on my site). Her skin is a bit oily, and she used to have acne, but she said this stuff has done wonders for her skin. If she wears any make-up on her skin, it’s generally a brush of powder, if anything at all. And yes, when she gets her make-up done at the counter, she has to tell them to not hide her freckles or else they will cake on the foundation!

What are your most flattering colors?

Her favorite colors are baby blues, earthy greens and plum.

Amy lights up the room. She is beyond her flawless skin and big brown eyes and adorable sprinkle of freckles. She is bubbly and fun!