The Redhead Interviews


unnamedFor the redheads interviews, I’ve chosen Jenn in my second series. Why did I choose Jenn? I knew there was something almost viking fantastic about this woman. Something stood out about her. I felt like she just owned it. I didn’t know what she owned, aside from her obvious stunning composure, but I wanted to find out.

Jenn is a 6 foot redhaired goddess!

Jenn is 31, lives in Utah and has 2 boys. She is a natural redhead, with blue eyes, and yes, she really is THAT tall. She is German and Belgian, so that explains the height.

She calls her hair “copper penny” coined by her grandmother. She is also unique in that there are LOTS of redheads in her family. Her nieces and nephews have red hair, her brother has red hair and her mother is a redhead. Imagine her family reunions!

What are some strange questions you’ve been asked?

The curtain and carpet, the short temper. The usual.

Jenn hated being a redhead for a long time. She was actually married to a man who didn’t really like her hair. Well, good thing she has strong character, because she now says she loves it. “We have more spice” Jenn said, and, “We notice each other in public.”

We do. We check each other out. We even ignore each other from time to time, almost like god forbid we get too close we may spontaneously combust. Why are we weird with each other? By the way, this has been MY experience, but not the other redheads I’ve interviewed. They say they notice and acknowledge each other in a secret code, positive reinforcement type of way. Maybe I’m the one with the problem!

Back to Jenn. She brought up a good point.  The part about our hair color being so rare, we are in the minority. We look so different, those freckle faced freaks from outer space, that we are picked on as children. Every redhead I’ve ever known, including myself has been picked on in some way. If they dispute this, they are lying. I’m serious. People just cannot help themselves. It gets way better when you become an adult, but kids love to tease other kids who look different. This is probably why some of us may appear to be over-confident. We’ve had to develop strength, a backbone, and character.


“Big red!”

“Towering inferno!”

She went to school with another redhaired girl everyone called Clifford. She didn’t know why she was not called Clifford,  but finally asked, only to learn it was because she’s not a big ugly red dog. Lovely…

Have you ever dated a redhead?

Jenn: Yes, in high school, but people kept thinking we were brother and sister and it was too weird!

Me: Yeah, guess people think we all look alike.

Favorite colors?

Green, pink (all shades) and she is told she should wear orange and gold, but she’s not a fan. She likes more natural hues, and she has sensitive skin.

She gets freckles on her nose and cheeks which make her feel 5 years old because people think they are so adorable! I can relate.

Man, I’d love to be a 6 foot redhead! Talk about an amazon goddess, this girl is awesome.

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