The Redhead Interviews

Some redheads bring the following words to mind…..

“Here comes trouble!”


Not really. But one look at Alana and I think you will agree she is the perfect example of a redhead who might evoke those thoughts . When I thought about the redhead interviews, admittedly, I had someone in mind just like Alana. Her personality is self described as “forward” and she has “no filter”. With hair like that, could she possibly conduct herself in any other way?


Some redheads are lucky enough be be sultry, sexy and beautiful all at the same time, I think of women like Jessica Chastain, or Amy Adams, or Nicole Kidman. When I met Alana, I could not help but think this is a girl who has it all. The perfect balance of all three. She should be on the big screen. Really she should.


Me: I don’t really have to ask you if you love your hair do I? You love your hair. It’s totally clear.

Alana: I LOVE being a redhead (she says this with a sheepish smile).

Me: What color would you call your hair?

Alana: Orange red.

I love it how redheads have like 150 different shades of red they can come up with. Meanwhile, others simply say, redhead.


Alana is a 32 year old bartender who lives in Chicago. She has two siblings, an older brother, a redhead, and a younger sister, not a full blown ginger like Alana, but she has shades of red as well. Her sister compares her to the “little exotic bird” from the movie UP! And it is true, a redhead walking down the street is a rare sight. Her mother also has red hair.

Her bloodline? Swedish, Danish and Scottish.

She didn’t always love being a redhead. She was teased as a child so she wore her hair in a bun, to hide it I suppose. If you see her baby pic, her hair was really REALLY red. No mistaking that color. Another strategy to hide her hair? She would tell her mother she was sick and couldn’t go to school. Around 15 or 16 years old she started liking it, and from the look of it, has kept liking it. And maybe it was worth it getting teased all those years, because she really struck me as a nice, but very confident girl who knows who she is.

Note: This reminded me that I kept my hair so short, for so many years, like boy short, until I became a teenager. The reason? Because I felt having less red on my head was a good thing.

Me: What’s your type? Do you like redhaired men?

Alana: She admitted to actually having a crush on one she went to high school with, but she has never dated a redhead. Typical type? 6.4”, muscular, dark hair, with a man bun!

She was serious.

Favorite colors? She chooses neutral colors for her clothing and make-up.

Favorite perfume?

Michael Kors Sporty Citrus.

Me: Do you feel you are more sensitive to pain than the average person?

Alana: Yes. I need a lot of novocaine at the dentist!

Me: Any weird questions people ask you?

Alana: Yes. Is that all of your hair?

I guess implying with all that hair it could not possibly be real! Talk about a trademark. With that hair? This is one unforgettable redhead.