I hate my freckles

I hate my freckles. Or shall I say, I “hated” my freckles. Ever read Freckle Juice? Not having kids of my own, I wonder if this is still the classic freckles book for children. The story goes like this. Two boys, one with no freckles is envious of his friend in school who does have freckles. The reason cracks me up, because if he had them, it would hide the dirt and grime on his face and neck from his mom! Oh boy. Anyway, there is a message in the story, because the freckled boy wants his to disappear. And so you have it. What we don’t have, we want. Sometimes.


I absolutely hated having freckles my entire life, so the following is not going to be about embracing them and loving them because they are so beautiful. Yes, I was complimented (mostly) from the time I was a child. I was also teased. Kids would ask if I ever counted them, or tried.  Oddly, adults would ask the same thing.


Here is why I hated them. When we look at photos in magazines of classic beauties, it’s the flawless translucent skin that radiates. Not a freckle on a face. When I was in my 20’s, I was told I should use more foundation because it would help to “cover them up.” The make-up counter was always a disaster. I would walk out looking like a little girl who got into mom’s make-up drawer. Someone was always suggesting ways to hide them. Even though some were complimentary, the mere suggestion that they existed made me feel like ONE BIG FRECKLE. In fact, I wish those dots would merge and create a perfectly tanned freckle-less beauty, but they never did.


This brings me to the present. I spent a ton of money for what I call the freckle cure, which is IPL. This procedure didn’t exist growing up or believe me, I would have used it. Yes, I still have freckles, but they are not the first thing people notice. After I had undergone about 8 treatments, people started taking notice, but not in in the way you might think. No one noticed they were disappearing, but I got compliments on my skin that I had never received before. Make-up was easier to wear, and I could even wear foundation without looking ridiculous (I’ve since stopped wearing it). But then the oddest thing of all. I started noticing others with freckles, the kind I had before which were very pronounced. Suddenly they were stunning to me. Really beautiful. And then the biggest shock of all. When I told people what I had done, you would not believe how many people said “I never noticed you HAD freckles.” Huh? They must have been lying to me.

If you go to Youtube, you will find about 1000 tutorials on how to cover freckles. You will even find a few on how to apply them, but very few.

This goes back to the story. Sometimes we just want what we cannot have, and sometimes that very feature that stands out can be the one that creates a lot of misery for that person. Truth is, freckles are in!