Ginger Guys

Ginger guys are all the rage and they are getting a lot of attention out there, so why not include them in the redhead interviews? Their answers may surprise you.

Here is what first hit me about Joseph. Like any redhead male with confidence, they stand out so much more than the average brunette or blonde. It’s almost like they earned and then cultivated their confidence after years of taunting and teasing. Who besides a redhead can understand the constant yearning of wanting wake up with another hair color or the fantasy that your freckles would decide to pack their bags and go away…forever? So when I say confidence I don’t mean cocky, or full of himself, or playboy like, but a man who knows who he is and I suspect is quite comfortable around women.


Joseph is 34, grew up and lives in Altoona, PA known for their railroad (must admit I had to look that one up). He is Irish and Polish, his mother is a redhead as is his younger brother.

Did you like being a redhead as a kid?

No, I got picked on. My mom was a hairstylist and I used to ask her if she would dye my hair. She assured me that someday I’d like having red hair.

And what about now?

I like it now. Women notice me, especially Spanish women! Brunettes seem to dig me.

Do you like redhaired women?

I think they are beautiful. It’s odd you don’t see many redhaired couples together. I do think the two are dangerous together… that house will burn down! That said, lately, I’ve actually grown quite fond of redheads.


I asked him to explain this. Joseph is very much of the belief that redheads definitely have shorter tempers. It can manifest itself in more positive ways, like how we express passion but he definitely feels he has a temper because of his red hair.

What are you favorite colors?

Green and turquoise. Not a big fan of red and orange and beige is boring.

Nicknames? Ginger Joe.

I love to stand out. If I have one complaint it’s that I look too young and have to grow a beard! I also have freckles. When I was younger I thought I could pick them off. In the summer I’m completely covered in them.

Strange questions?

“Does the carpet match the drapes?” His answer: “You just need to find out for yourself.”

Told you he’s confident.

Do you wear cologne?

I’m a huge cologne fanatic! I have over 24 bottles of the stuff. I love Justin Timberlake’s line, and I tend to like sweet over musky. Polo Black is when I’m serious. It’s more of a dominant scent, but I always have the stuff around, even in my glove compartment in my car!

The added bonus? Joseph has a gorgeous little 5 year old redhaired girl with locks to die for. And what’s so nice is she can always turn to her daddy for support, but I suspect this little feisty one won’t have to. She knows she is different and she is told she is beautiful all the time, which for a small child can be a bit intimidating, but Joseph is teaching her to say thank you, despite her shyness.


I wish more redhaired guys were exactly like Joseph. Masculine, comfortable in his own skin… and a hotness that only comes with confidence.