The Redhead Interviews

Some redheads have bright orange frizzy hair and freckles. Some have strawberry blonde hair and to others, barely qualified as redheads. The truth is there is a such a spectrum of reds, from auburn, to more blonde, to a red that is truly almost like the actual color red.

Meet Shawna. I’m pretty certain she has caused some car accidents walking down the street, because there is absolutely no mistaking that red hair. On top of that, it’s super long, super thick; basically her hair enters the room before she does! Shawna reminds me of a Hollywood starlet, like an Ann Margret, and she would make one helluva real live Jessica Rabbit.

So, naturally I thought she would be the perfect person to interview. But, just like all of us, even though she is tall, stunning and very very red, she has had similar experiences of all redheads, especially growing up.


One story Shawna told me is that she would always be pegged as the troublemaker, from an early age, even if she was innocent. I can definitely attest to that statement as it happened many times to me as a child and even sometimes now as an adult. And yes, as a child, she wanted to dye her hair brown, begged her mother to dye it brown. Have you ever heard of a blonde or brunette child wanting to dye their hair? I haven’t.

Nicknames? Here’s a first. Her sister called her Fraggle Rock! Admittedly, I had no clue who that might be. And oh, did I mention her sister is a redhead too? Other kids called her carrot top. And the most common, when people have run out of creative terms…. simply RED.


On dating. Shawna is engaged, but I asked if she ever considered dating a redhaired guy. Her entire face twisted into something unrecognizable. “No way! No redhaired men!”

Ok, next question. Do you find certain ethnic groups are more drawn to you than others? I didn’t want to lead the witness on this one. Yes, she said. Black men.

I could not agree more. That one is a mystery I would love to crack open. What is the attraction between us, and why the opposite reaction to the opposite sex with red hair? For the record, it goes both ways. Many redhaired men don’t like us either. And then there is that other thing. That unapproachable redhead thing. Why does a redhead send fear running through veins of most men? Is it because a redhead took down Atilla the Hun? Kidding aside, it is a very real thing. We are simply not as approachable. Blame mythology, or Hollywood for making us vixens but we come with a stigma, and it isn’t always positive.

Colors and make-up palettes?

She loves MAC and uses burgundy, mahogany, darn brown, amber, black shimmer, mostly neutral tones. For clothes, she tends to wear a lot of black. I actually get that default color for us, and it is definitely in the top 5 most flattering redhead colors but there are so many colors we can wear.

Now, as an adult, she owns her hair, embraces being a redhead and loves it. And she should. She has the kind of hair people dream of.