Can Redheads Wear Red Lipstick?


The MAC line has a wide palette of lipsticks.

If you have a fuller lip go for the daring colors.

Mac picks: Dubonet, Brick-o-la, Chili, Midimauve, Cream in your coffee, Hot Tahiti, Twig, Del Rio.

Clinique: Almost lipstick in Black Honey. I’ve been wearing this color since high school. This is a carry all the time item in my bag. For those days you just want a hint of red color, it’s timeless, and doesn’t dry out your lips.

Nars: Stella Lipgloss. This is a glossy nude with just enough tone. I think it would probably look good on just about anyone.

Tip 1: When using a bright lipstick like a hot tahiti, downplay the rest of your make-up. Just wear mascara, a little foundation or powder.

Tip 2: Always use a lipliner when using lipstick. It’s very easy to make mistakes here and we’ve all seen the oh so prominent dark lip line. Have a Mac professional show you how it’s done.

She has a fuller lip and therefore can go bolder and darker with her red.

The above is more coral colored, but with her pale skin and deep auburn hair, it totally works. You may have to adjust the shades to get the right palette but don’t be afraid to try.