Straightening your Hair

If you are lucky enough to have smooth frizz free hair as a redhead then you are one of the fortunate ones. If not, though time consuming, all you really need is two tools. An ionic blowdryer and a straight iron. Don’t worry about getting top of the line for either one since they will all do the trick.


Use a leave in conditioner or straightening product before you start. Try Shu Eumura’s Essence Absolu. If you really want to splurge  for shampoo and conditioner try the Shisu Sleek line. The combination of oils and scents is to die for. They use peppermint, black cumin and other scents and there’s nothing else like it.

I also like Moroccan oil. It may seem a bit pricey, but this bottle will last you forever since you literally need the size of a dime or quarter (depending upon how dry your hair is).


While your hair is still wet, section out pieces starting from the base of your hair (neck). Twist or pin the remaining wet hair into a rope on top of your head while you work through drying sections. Take wet pieces from the rope and dry  each section using a flat paddle brush, or a round brush. I find the round easier to work with. In the beginning you will be frustrated, but as you get better at it it you will be quicker each time. Be patient. If it is taking you too long you can always re-wet pieces of hair with a spritzer bottle. It just takes a bit of coordination. Dry the front of your hair last (bangs, etc). Don’t worry about getting it perfectly straight since the straight iron will finish the rest for you.

Heat the iron but don’t make it too hot. Get an ionic straightener. I bought mine at Target and it was cheap. This is the fun part. Again, section it out but with much thicker pieces than when blow drying, and start about two inches from your scalp. Don’t do it too slowly or you can damage your hair. Better to go quickly over the same pieces several times.

Put a smoothing serum or gel or hair spray. I prefer a smoothing gloss like Frederic Fekkai glossing cream.