Love em, hate em, they are what they are and there is not a thing you could do about them.

Until now.

I realize this is a controversial post, because many people learn to just accept their freckles. My motto is if it’s something you really wished you could change and now can do so, why not? Life is short.

If you are anything like me, you hated your freckles from the time you were a small child. As I’ve gotten older they have not faded with time, but become more prominent, and it was time to do something about them.

On my recent visit to a dermatologist, he suggested getting IPL (Intense Pulse Light). I was skeptical at first, thinking of all the remedy creams I had tried that promised to diminish my freckles. I agreed, reluctantly, and it was the most dramatic change I ever could have expected.

First, if you have light freckles to begin with, I don’t recommend getting the treatment. If they are dark, and chances are they are not even freckles anymore but serious sun damage then you are more likely to see dramatic results. Another thing to know is that it is very expensive, and depending upon how many sessions you need, which is usually 4-6, it can add up. I know some places that charge $300 per session.

It is painful, but certainly not unbearable. Some people describe it as a rubber band snapping your face. They will generally increase the pulse after a treatment or two to see how your skin responds. When you first look at your face, it will appear as though they made your freckles worse. What happens is the pulsed light fragments the freckles and your body re-absorbs them over the next week. They will darken at first, so you need to break out the concealer. Afterwards, what happens is truly a miracle. Your freckles literally appear as though they are falling off. It’s described as coffee grinds, and they do resemble that.

I love my skin now, and never did before. I can also wear make-up I could never wear previously, like a little foundation (before it just looked like I was trying to cover my freckles).

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